Claire Morgan

Claire Morgan, known by everybody as Bambi, is a footwear designer with an eye for print. Her creative journey is rooted in History of Art and culminated with a Masters degree in Footwear Design from the London College of Fashion. She loves designing in three dimensions and dedicates hours to the skills and details that turn ordinary objects into works of art. She is a fount of ideas and a stickler for quality with the comment ‘its not good enough’ becoming a long standing joke.

Whilst currently designing shoes for a well known high street brand, in her spare time she turns her hand to fabrics with a bold and dynamic flair. Bambi has also studied Architecture and has been helping to redesign problem interiors on a consultancy basis for 10 years. She is particularly interested in creating luxury spaces for the every day person by using traditional fabrics for modern settings.

Sophia Holloway

Sophie Holloway is no longer a frustrated artist. With a previous career in the city, she is now the mother of a toddler. Having studied at Chelsea College of Art in the 90s she is finally able to use her incredible talent both for drawing and painting at Sherwood + Morgan. Sophie is also a very skilled editor, creating many designs digitally as well as by hand. With a love of bold prints Sophie also has a keen eye for trend led fabrics. Away from the studio Sophie paints oil portraits and has a passion for visiting galleries and museums.

Veronica Mackinnon

Veronica Mackinnon is a highly regarded garden designer with over two decades experience. She has an exceptional eye for colour and form together with an in depth knowledge of flora and fauna. Recently she has discovered an outstanding talent for animal portraiture which she has combined with her love for all manner of creatures and her passion for Africa, it’s wildlife and it’s conservation to produce our Africa Collection. 

She works mainly in graphite and her pictures are detailed and accurate representation of her subjects